A Marker of History

Last Thursday, we started a new trivia game on our Facebook page and Twitter account.  We are calling the game Westerday Trivia and the rules are simple: we’ll provide a question about West Jackson’s history, and you can comment or mention us with the answer.  The game will take place every Thursday morning and we’ll make sure to post the correct answer on our blog later that day. If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, don’t worry. You can still participate as we will post the question on the blog too so that you can comment with the answer.

Westerday is a derivative of the word yesterday, and although we can’t guarantee that the word can be used during a game of Scrabble or Words with Friends, the word is definitely appropriate in context to our reference of West Jackson’s history.

Ok, so enough about the game. Take a look around West Jackson, and you may notice clusters of Historical Markers, Blues Trail Markers, and Civil Rights Driving Tour signs.  It is without a doubt that West Jackson–one of Jackson’s earliest suburbs–is steeped in history.  During a recent drive around the neighborhood, I decided to hop out into the heat and take a few pictures of the historical markers.  Was it hot outside–OH YEAH! But it was well worth it to share pieces of West Jackson with you.  Check out the pictures and make sure to read the wording on the markers.  Who knows, you might have a pop quiz through our Westerday Trivia!

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