WESTerday Trivia Answer: JSU School of Engineering Building

Jackson State University School of Engineering (Photo: JSU)

Completed in 2009, Jackson State University’s School of Engineering building is a facility that seeks to be good to the earth.  As a Silver Leed Certified facility, the building features passive day lighting to reduce the use of electrical lighting, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and recycled contents.  The facility also features a rainwater collection system that stores storm water for use on the University’s landscaping.

This 89,883 square foot building was constructed at a cost of approximately $22 million and saves the University an estimated $53,136 per year on utilities when compared to facilities of similar size.

The JSU School of Engineering is located at the intersection of John R. Lynch Street and Metro Parkway in Jackson, Mississippi.

Rendering of JSU School of Engineering Building

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