The Newness of West Jackson

Welcome sign at new Highway 80 McDonald's

Oh how we love seeing new things come to West Jackson! New things bring new people and provide new goods and services for those of us living here.  Newness doesn’t always signify something that is absolutely, positively new.  Sometimes, newness is the rediscovery of a place or the renewal of feelings that may have existed for years.  Such is the story of West Jackson.  Those of us who are here can see the potential of this side of town–that’s why we’re here!  Not because we HAVE to be, but because we WANT to be.

That’s why it is heartwarming to see new investments come to fruition.  It means that other people “get it” and want to stake their claim to the community.  New neighbors are welcome here, and if you would like to renovate a charming home with beautiful wooden floors, rent an apartment in the newly constructed University Place, or find a place to post your business’s “Now Open” sign, then by all means come and be a part of the rediscovery, the renewal, the NEWNESS of West Jackson.

Last Thursday was a busy day for the West side.  One University Place opened its doors for potential residents to take a sneak peek at its 78 apartments and McDonald’s (see story) cut a ribbon to signify the reopening of it’s Highway 80 restaurant.  McDonald’s demolished its old restaurant and rebuilt the new one on the same site in approximately 3 months.  Take a look at the photos taken at the Open House event at University Place and the Ribbon Cutting at the newly constructed McDonald’s.

(P.S. Much thanks to the Center for University-Based Development‘s Director, Dr. Kimberly Hilliard, for taking pictures for the blog at the McDonald’s Ribbon Cutting ceremony!)

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