WESTerday Trivia Answer: Parkway Baptist Church

Parkway Baptist Church, currently Amazing Institutional C.O.G.I.C. (photo by Adam Carson)

According to a Jackson Historic Resources Survey conducted by Thomas and Associates for the City of Jackson in 1997:

Parkway Baptist Church was organized on June 3, 1927 and was known as the “House of Friendship.” Church services were originally conducted in the nearby Eureka School. Parkway Baptist was the first Baptist church to locate in West Jackson and its name was taken from the Parkway post office, a postal facility located near Eureka School.  The existing building was completed in 1941 and W.A. Bell served as the church’s first pastor.  In recent years the Parkway Baptist congregation relocated and the building is presently occupied by another congregation.

The Parkway Baptist Church is a two-story, Gothic Revival style church building.  It rests on a cast concrete foundation and is constructed of tan-colored brick laid in stretcher bond.  Identifying architectural elements include brick (wall) buttresses and lancet, stained glass windows.  The primary (N) entrance is composed of original paired, glass-and-wood doors which are framed by concrete surrounds and crowned by multi-light transoms.  The primary facade also features a Gothic arched stained glass window. An original one-and-one-half-story educational wing, is located on the west facade.  Design elements of this wing include leaded glass windows, label drip moldings, and gable wall dormers.  Attached to the west facade are connecting brick and concrete wings constructed post 1950.

The church, located at 2603 West Capitol Street, is currently occupied by Amazing Institutional Church of God in Christ.

Thanks for participating in today’s trivia!!

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