Photos from Capitol Neighbors Association’s Harvest After Dark

Photo by *Micky (Flickr-Creative Commons-Attribution)

Friday has made it, meaning that the weekend is upon us.  With Jackson State University’s Homecoming taking place this week, West Jackson will be flooded with proud JSU Alumni…and we’ll be glad to see them! It’s also good to see that Fall has finally paid us a visit with cool temperatures and abundant sunshine for the weekend. Perfect football weather!

This time last week, Capitol Neighbors Association was gearing up for their Harvest After Dark event.  CNA hosted the event last Saturday, October 23rd. Below are some photos from their event.

If you host an event in West Jackson, make sure to let us know. We’d love to announce the event on our Facebook Page and Twitter account and we’d also love to post your pictures here on the blog. Send event announcements and photos to

(P.S. Much thanks to Heather Ivery for these photos! Visit the Capitol Neighbors Association website for more pictures.)

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