Attendees make their way into Koinonia Coffee House before the 203K Event.

This past Saturday, Cornerstone Home Lending, JSU Center for University-Based Development, Atmos Energy, Wright Concepts, and Leah Cim Real Estate, welcomed dozens of people interested in revitalizing West Jackson to Koinonia Coffee House.  This program, referred to as The WESToration Initiative, involves informing interested people about the possibilities of using a 203K mortgage to fix up one of the many charming homes here in West Jackson.

While rain was in the forecast, Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day to showcase West Jackson. (As a side note, it was also a beautiful day for the Latasha Norman Memorial 5K. It was great seeing so many runners participate in this event and the Metro Parkway was an excellent location for it. If you’re planning a 5K event, you should strongly consider using the Metro Parkway for your course.)

We were prepared to welcome approximately 50 people to the event, but about 80+ people showed up eager to learn about opportunities in West Jackson.  You can only imagine how excited our team was!  About half the group loaded up into the vans that idled outside to shuttle them through the different neighborhoods of the west side while the other half listened to a presentation by Bo Smith on the benefits of a 203K loan.  After touring the West End, West Park, and Pecan Park neighborhoods, the touring group arrived back at Koinonia to trade places with the presentation group.

The committee would like to especially thank Voice of Calvary Ministries for allowing us to use their audio/visual equipment and LeFleur Transportation for coming through for us after we were notified by the trolley company that the trolley that was originally scheduled for the tour had broken down the day before the event.

If you are interested in learning more about the 203K loan among other renovation loans, contact Bo Smith at 601.982.1153 or bosmith@houseloan.com. Oh, and if you weren’t able to participate in Saturday’s event–don’t worry, we’re planning another one for late January. If that’s too long for you to wait (and we hope it is), call Bo to see what you have to do to get an marvelously renovated home in West Jackson now.

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