West Jackson advocate & businessman featured in national magazine

Dr. Bill Cooley and his daughter, Toni, are featured in the December issue of Black Enterprise magazine. Photo of magazine cover above courtesy of Sirobe Carstafhnur.

For those of you who know Dr. Bill Cooley, you know that while he is confidently passionate about his ventures in Jackson–both for and not-for profit–he is amazingly humble about the fruits of his labor.  Cooley, a former military colonel and former dean of JSU’s College of Business, is a local businessman with an unstoppable optimism about West Jackson.  In fact, he proudly proclaims that the “world headquarters” for his Center for Social Entrepreneurship is located in West Jackson on Fourth Avenue.

Dr. Cooley is a man of vision and opportunity.  One of his most recognized ventures is Systems Electo Coating–a Tier 1 automotive supplier for the Nissan automotive plant in Canton, Mississippi.  One of his most recognized community efforts is the Koinonia Friday forum–a community forum that features a speaker and takes place every Friday at 9 a.m. at Koinonia Coffee House.  The forum started under the guidance of Dr. Cooley until it was adopted earlier this year by the Jackson Chamber of Commerce.

This month, Dr. Cooley is the one being recognized (and on a national level mind you!).  Dr. Cooley and his daughter, Toni, are featured in the Industrial Service section of Black Enterprise magazine (December 2010, p. 72).

If you’re out and about, make sure to purchase a copy of the current issue to check out the story of one of West Jackson’s greatest supporters.  If you’re looking for a copy on the west side, the JSU bookstore should have a copy any day now.

P.S. Much Thanks to Sirobe Carstafhnur for notifying me of this news. Make sure to follow her on Twitter. You can also find her on Facebook.

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