WESTerday Trivia Answer: WMPR 90.1 FM

WMPR was started near Tougaloo College in 1983.  After a decade of providing the community with “news, spirituality, music, and a community voice,” the radio station relocated to West Jackson (1018 Pecan Park Circle) in 1993.

While WMPR’s programming is heavily laced with Blues music, the station has also sought to diversify by offering time slots for genres such as Gospel, Jazz, R&B, and Reggae.  The program also features some talk radio–most notably, Charles Evers‘ Political Talk Forum.  Mr. Evers also serves as the radio station’s manager.

That’s all folks! Thanks for participating in this week’s trivia. We’ll see you next week!

Feel free to visit WMPR’s website or listen to the station’s online broadcast.

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