The Gateway to Jackson State

Jackson State University unveils a new gateway sign (photo courtesy of JSU's Department of Public Relations)

Last year, my brother traveled from Orlando back home to Jackson with his bride-to-be.  It’s always a joy to see my brother and (now) sister-in-law since a 700 mile distance can easily cause visits to be infrequent.

While my brother was in town, he decided to show his Floridian fiancee around the city.  They eventually made their way to the main campus of Jackson State University, and that’s when I got a call. “Does JSU have a sign that we can take a picture in front of?” he asked. Sadly, my response was “not quite.” The closest thing JSU had to a sign at the time was the university seal that was 20 feet in the air at the gateway to Gibbs-Green Plaza.

I am happy to announce that now, my brother and other visitors have a sign in front of which to take a picture.  Today, university officials unveiled the new gateway sign for Jackson State University.  JSU hasn’t had such a sign since the blue-and-white sign that once existed near Dalton Street and John R. Lynch Street was removed to make way for the Gibbs Green pedestrian plaza.

The sign, which was designed by JSU’s Assistant Director of Planning & Construction Management, Marlin King, is situated on the western side of campus at the intersection of John R. Lynch Street and Prentiss Street. The sign features brick, stone, and backlit metal lettering. There is also a mixture of flowers and roses that will fill in the top of the sign as they mature. The majority of the labor and materials were donated by companies that have done business with Jackson State, including Harrell Contracting Group, McInnis Electrical Co., Love Irrigation, Rainbow Signs and Green Oak Landscaping.

Much thanks to Interim President Leslie Mclemore, Ph.D.,  Marlin King, and the team of others who helped to make this sign a reality. It is definitely a beautiful addition to West Jackson!

P.S. The student participation at the unveiling ceremony was amazing. It was great seeing such a large group of students show up to support such an event.

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