Figment…more than imaginary

A few weeks ago, David Koren traveled from New York City to Jackson.  As the executive producer for Figment*, David was in the capital city to determine whether there would be interest for Figment here. A Figment in Jackson would make the third location for the project which includes the cities of New York and Boston.

So what is Figment? Honestly, when I think of the word, the next word that I associate with it is “imagination.”  Figment* is just that.  It seeks to use the imagination of artists to create an event that is filled with imaginative works of arts. But it also goes beyond simple imagination as it seeks to get everyday folks like you and me to interact with these pieces of art.  The artwork at Figment* events isn’t just for show–it’s also about participation. It is also a free event that operates solely on the efforts of volunteers.

A group of Jacksonians are preparing to have a Figment* event here in Jackson.  They’ve even identified the former Coca-Cola Plant on Highway 80 as a potential location for this activity.

If you are interested in bringing more art to Jackson, West Jackson specifically, then you are invited to attend a planning meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Lumpkins BBQ (182 Raymond Rd).

Check out the video below or visit Figment’s website for more information about this project.

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