WESTerday Trivia

In 1993, this high school became the first school in Mississippi to offer the academically intense International Baccalaureate Program.

A.) Provine High School

B.) Madison Central High School

C.) Murrah High School

D.) Jim Hill High School

The answer will be posted on the blog at 7 p.m. Go for it!

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4 Comments on WESTerday Trivia

  1. I work for the City of Jackson and am very familiar with the area. Parents lived across from Poindexter Park when I was born, Grandparents had friends there, they shopped at the old Jitney, ate at Angelo’s, shopped at Westland Plaza, etc.

    Thank you so much for your emphasis on this neighborhood, the positive aspects, the rich history, the lovely old homes and churches.

  2. THERESA KING // January 27, 2011 at 5:32 pm // Reply

    The answer is Jim Hill

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