Best of Jackson party draws crowds to West Jackson

Photo by Kristin Brenemen of Flickr (via Creative Commons Attribution/Non Commercial/ No Derivative Works license)

Do you remember the weather yesterday? Perhaps gloomy, damp, and rainy are perfect words to describe it.  Better yet, how about “good nap weather”? Rain is something that can make an event planner do a fist pump–and not in a good way. After months of planning for the perfect day, rain can leave you shaking your fist in the air and asking” WHHHYYYYY today”!!!

Despite yesterday’s consistent rain, crowds of people packed out The Plant on 80 (former Coca Cola Plant) for the Jackson Free Press‘s Best of Jackson Awards party.  Even better, the #BestofJackson hastag on Twitter shows that not only did lots of people of various races and ages show up, but they also had a blast! Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video taken by Tate Nations:

The Best of Jackson Awards is an annual contest that allows Jackson Free Press readers to vote for their favorite things in Jackson. This year’s competition had 175 categories and West Jackson businesses/residents/natives made the list in 19 categories.

Congrats to all who made the list and much love (and a big hug) to the Jackson Free Press and all who came yesterday to party on the west side!

To view an online version of JFP’s Best of Jackson issue, click here.

Best High School Band
Jim Hill High School (tied for 3rd place), p. 20

Best Community Garden
Mynelle Gardens (1st place), p. 21

Best Non-Profit Organization
Stewpot Community Services (1st place), p. 21

Best Garden Supply/Nursery
Hutto’s Home and Garden Center (Good Showing), p. 27

Best Steak
Crechale’s Cafe (Good Showing), p. 34

Best Burger
Stamps Superburger (3rd Place), p. 36

Best French Fries
Stamps Superburger (1st Place), p. 36

Best Meal Under $10
Lumpkins BBQ* (Good Showing), p. 38

Best Ribs
Lumpkins BBQ* (2nd Place), p. 43
Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q (3rd Place), p. 43

Best BBQ
Lumpkins BBQ* (3rd Place), p. 43
Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q (Good Showing), p. 43

Best Soul Food
Collins Dream Kitchen (3rd Place), p. 43
Lumpkins BBQ* (Good Showing), p. 43

Best Buffet
Lumpkins BBQ* (Good Showing), p. 43
Country Fisherman (Good Showing), p. 43

Best Fried Fish
Eddie and Ruby’s Snack Bar (Good Showing), p. 44
Martin’s Fish House (Good Showing), p. 44

Best Wings
Wing Stop (1st Place), p. 44

Best Local Singer, Best R&B Artist
Akami Graham** (1st Place), p. 45

Best Hip Hop Artist
David Banner** (2nd Place), p. 46

Best Place to Dance
Dreamz JXN (3rd Place), p. 52

*indicates business not located in West Jackson, but owners reside in West Jackson

**indicates winner may not reside in West Jackson, but is a West Jackson native

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