WESTerday Trivia Answer: Mel Luna Saw Company

The answer for today’s trivia is (A.) Mel Luna Saw Company. The narrative below is verbatim from the City of Jackson’s Winter 2010 issue of the go80 Signpost–a community newsletter that was funded as part of the Highway 80 Economic Development planning grant.

Thanks for playing this week’s trivia!


Change is inevitable–especially in today’s marketplace. New technologies and rapidly changing business models can thwart even the savviest company. But, at Mel Luna Saw Company, [one of] the largest supplier[s] of high-end comercial lawn equipment in Mississippi, owner Mike Cox knows the key to thriving in any economic environment.

It is maintaining the tradition of sound business principals, which began in March of 1967 when Mel Luna decided to open shop on Highway 80 in Jackson. Mike’s father worked with Mr. Luna from the beginning and Mike grew up knowing the founder and learning the business.

In 2000, Cox purchased the business from Luna and continued the core value of consistency–consistent products, consistent customer service and consistent location.

“We don’t swap product and we don’t change location” says cox. “Our customers know where to find us. They know we’ll have the products they need. And, they know they’ll be taken care of.”

This straight-forward strategy has served them well, making Mel Luna Saw a multimillion dollar company, even in the midst of dire economic times and strong competition.

In 1998, when the big box retail shops like Home Depot and Lowe’s  came into the area, Mel Luna Saw Company switched its focus to serving the high-end commercial market instead of the residential consumer.

Cox says, “It was one of the best moves we ever made–that and the decision to stay at our location on Highway 80. We are very accessible from the North, South, East and West. Around ten years ago there was a lot of pressure for local franchisees and dealerships to move out to the suburbs and build new facilities. As an independent contrator we decided to stay put.”

Instead of using profits to build a new store on the outskirts of town, Mel Luna Saw Company expanded its existing location in 2002. With no mortgage, steady clientele, and a convenient location, the company continues to grow.

“Our business is booming even in this economy. Before the dry spell (which affects turf growth), we were on track to have the best year ever,” Cox added.


Mel Luna Saw Company (1250 Dewey Street, 601-353-8392) sells and services equipment for Exmark, Stihl, Reedmax, Kawasaki, Kohl, and Honda. It is the 2nd largest distributor of Exmark turf equipment in the South Central Region (an eight state region).

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2 Comments on WESTerday Trivia Answer: Mel Luna Saw Company

  1. Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog. We are proud to be part of West Jackson for so many years. A customer once described Mel Luna Saw as a destination store. He said that most people did not stop by because they were in the area but came to the area just to come see us. I hope with the rebuild of Highway 80 that even more stores and customers will be drawn to this area.

  2. Abdikasi. Mel luna saw is legend.

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