Architectural Twins: Two Overstreet Churches (via Preservation in Mississippi)

If you love history and architecture…then you’ll absolutely love the Preservation in Mississippi blog. This past December, the blog’s author wrote a post on the building on Capitol Street that houses Stewpot Community Services (formerly Central Presbyterian Church) and a church in Bolton, Mississippi.

The two buildings are practically identical! Figured it was something interesting to share with our readers.

P.S. Stewpot’s annual fundraiser, a Taste of Mississippi, will take place Monday, March 28th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Highland Village. Visit the event’s website for details.

Architectural Twins: Two Overstreet Churches Here’s a little light fare for Friday. I can’t claim any credit for today’s post, as I came across images of these two buildings while reading David H. Sachs’ 1986 Ph.D. dissertation, The Work of Overstreet and Town: The Coming of Modern Architecture to Mississippi. Unfortunately the dissertation has never been published, but nowadays with the internet providing access to previously unattainable resources, scholars and just interested folks alike … Read More

via Preservation in Mississippi

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