WESToration Revisited

Woohoo! It’s FRIDAY!!! This time last week, the WESToration team was preparing for another WESTortion event at Koinonia Coffee House. Last week’s tour was a little different than our previous two.

First, we had a really fun “guess which house is in West Jackson” in which our guests had to choose which house in a picture line up was in West Jackson. Oh, and the west Jackson homes were placed next to homes in Belhaven & Fondren and were equally as nice!

Second, during the tour, we actually took our guests inside a couple of homes. One was the wonderfully renovated home of West Jackson resident deborah Rae Wright of Wright Concepts (also a WESToration team member). The other was a home on Central Street that was built in 1907 and is just as solid today as it was over a century ago. By the way, the Central Street home is for sale.

Anyway, we’ve done enough talking! Now it’s time to show you pictures from the event. Also, make sure to check out the really cool video that WESToration team member Bo Smith of Cornerstone Home Lending put together from the event. Stay tuned to the the blog for future WESToration announcements, but if you’re ready to get started now (or would like to learn more), visit our WESToration page.

P.S. Much thanks to WESToration team member Marsha Barber of Atmos Energy for taking such great pictures!

Check out the video of the event:

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