Photos: Politix in the Park

Welcome Wednesday, but come on Friday! Sorry–thinking out loud. Independence Day is fast approaching and we can’t help but to crave for another 3-day weekend (yes!). So as we patiently wait for the evening of July1st, we find ourselves daydreaming about this past weekend.

Saturday was hot just like any summer day in Mississippi, so that meant that heat and sweat were in vast abundance. But you know what? That didn’t stop crowds of people from coming to hear the platforms of various political candidates at Politix in the Park.

Tommiea King, a local photographer, showed up at the event with a very nice camera in hand. She has contributed the photos included in this post. To view the entire set, visit it on Picasa. Thanks Tommiea!!!

Click here to view Tommiea King’s entire Politix in the Park photo album.

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