Forum on Tuberculosis tomorrow at Mississippi Arts Center

If you’ve worked in a hospital, you were more than likely  required to take a TB test. That’s cool and all, but what is TB and how in the world does one even get it? The Mississippi State Department of Health wants to answer these questions for you tomorrow during their forum on Tuberculosis.

The forum is free and open to the public, and it will take place at the Mississippi Arts Center (201 E. Pascagoula Street) from 1-3 p.m. For more information or to pre-register, contact Heather Ivery at 601-949-3540 or

(Special thanks to West Jackson resident, Heather Ivery, for informing us of this event)

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2 Comments on Forum on Tuberculosis tomorrow at Mississippi Arts Center

  1. Novye brauzernye igry poyavlyayutsya kazhdyj den’, odni pohozhi drug na druga, kak dve kapli vody, drugie deystvitel’no unikal’ny i nepovtorimy. Kak vybrat’ tu, kotoraya ponravitsya i stanet priyatnym sposobom skorotat’ svobodnoe vremya? Konechno metodom prob i oshibok, blago protsess registratsii v brauzernyh onlayn igrah ochen’ prost i zanimaet ot sily 1-2 minuty. Zhdem vas na

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