Capitol Street Methodist Church

Photo by Natalie Maynor (NatalieMaynor) of Flickr Creative Commons

If you’ve driven along W. Capitol Street lately, you’ve notice something that is almost painful to watch. The former Capitol Street Methodist Church is crumbling. So much so that part of it has already fallen into the dirt (or shall we say concrete). Barricades are up to protect pedestrians and a fence will be installed to keep those pedestrians safe from the inevitable fall of the building.

So what’s next? Voice of Calvary Ministries was granted use of and, ultimately, ownership of the building several years ago. Phil Reed, the organization’s Executive Director, estimates that it would take $6 million to shore up the structure for reuse–money the organization does not have.  The company through which the building is insured is currently making arrangements for complete demolition of the structure. Citing safety concerns of the building’s possible collapse, Phil has indicated that the city suggests the same course of action.

Phil is hoping that the bricks from the old Methodist church can be salvaged and reused for other purpose. That sounds much better than the alternative option of wrecking the building and hauling its remnants to the city dump. Regardless what happens, it’s sad to see a building with so much potential die of natural causes. And while its stained glass windows were long gone, the church still possessed some gorgeous wooden pews. With its balcony and sliding walls (used to adjust the number of seats in the sanctuary), its safe to say that they don’t make churches like this anymore…and they probably never will.

For more details on the former Capitol Street Methodist Church, along with photos of the building’s current condition, visit the blog of our friends at Preservation in Mississippi.


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4 Comments on Capitol Street Methodist Church

  1. Looks like it was a beautiful building : ( Hope its pieces will help to resurrect something just as beautiful.

  2. I am very sad to see this but I figured it would happen someday. I was a member of this church from 1958 until 1967 when we moved to Waco, Tx.
    I sang in the choir and was in the Boy Scout troop 3 also. I explored the buildings a lot including the attic of the old sanctuary and even lowered and raised the partition a couple of times which had to be done from the attic. I guess the educational building in the rear is still usable since it was a lot newer.

    • Just came across this,Jim. My parents and I were members here until 1966 or ’67. I was a child. I am just tonite finding out the bldg. has been demolished. Many a service I gazed at the stained-glass windows, with my head in my mother’s lap as she sang the hymns with the voice of an angel. Sorry to hear this grand dame has gone.

      • Jim Miller // March 1, 2013 at 7:25 pm //

        I wonder how mmany of the buildings were demolished? Was it just the sanctuary or the old sundayschool building? What about the chapel, the newer classroom building and the fellowshop hall in the rear? I have not been to Jacison since 1993 and I do not know of anyone who has taken any new pictures and posed them

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