WESTerday Trivia Answer: Dr. Jacob L. Reddix

reddix home reddix3

Dr. Reddix decided to build the home when he was nearing retirement. The home is 3,000 square feet and has a basement. It has 3 bedrooms upstairs, 2 bedrooms down stairs, and there is a separate apartment for students.

Dr. Reddix graduated with a Civil Engineering degree in 1927 from Illinois Institute of Technology. He worked closely with a local architect named James T. Canizaro Sr. (His son James Canizaro Jr. is still running the architecture firm in Downtown Jackson). Together they worked on the architectural design and drafted the floor plan.

The house was constructed by Jackson State University students in the Industrial Arts Department. The head of the Industrial Arts Department was Mr. J. Y. Woodard. Jacob Reddix worked closely with the students and Mr. Woodard and helped with the design and construction of the house. The assembly of the home was a practical exercise for the students in which they received grades for their work. They performed tasks such as brick lying, cabinet making, and floor instillation.

The home was completed in 1962 and Mr. and Mrs. Reddix lived in the home for the duration of their lives. Dr. Reddix passed away in 1973 and his wife, Daisy Reddix lived in the home until 2006, when she passed away at 106 years old. Their daughter, Shirley Reddix inherited the property and still owns the property today.

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