The ‘Good Deed’ Showcases the Brocks Couple

The BrocksFINAL

The West Jackson Blog is featuring the Brocks Family for their meaningful contribution to the Pecan Park Neighborhood. Carrie and Julius Brocks have been married for twenty-four years and lived in the neighborhood for over twenty years. About four years ago they decided to participate in the “Curb Sweeping Campaign.” This campaign started through the Pecan Park Neighborhood Association because residents were tired of seeing trash on their streets.

Many residents in the Pecan Park Neighborhood participate in the Curb Sweeping Campaign. It encourages residents to sweep up any trash or debris in the street in front of their homes. The Curb Sweeping Campaign is a small effort by individual residents that, collectively, make a huge impact on the entire neighborhood.

The Blog is recognizing the Brocks Family because of their good deeds. They have demonstrated their neighborly duties by not only keeping their yard and street beautiful, but also paying to have the grass and bushes cut in the median of their street, which is all city property. They also donate fresh vegetables from their garden to people in need and keep their grandsons during the day.

Thank you to the Brocks Family for making positive contributions to the West Jackson Community.

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