Have You Heard About Crowd-Funding?

conkrete sneaker boutique

Fellow West Jackson resident, Keith Richardson is launching his crowd-funding campaign today. His goal is to open an exclusive sneaker store around the main campus of Jackson State University. The name of his business is called, “Conkrete Sneaker Boutique.” Once his store is opened he will offer exclusive sneakers that you cannot find anywhere else and other fashion items.

Crowd-funding is the practice of funding a venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically through the internet. It makes it possible for everyday people to become entrepreneurs, using networks around the world to foster small businesses.

If you are interested in helping Mr. Richardson open his business, he will offer you various incentives for investing. Some of them include: lifetime discounts, in-store credits and free sneakers.

Through his crowd-funding campaign Mr. Richardson stated that, “This is how Conkrete Sneaker Boutique will go from a concept to reality.”

To learn more about the campaign and the incentives that come with it, visit: http://www.igg.me/at/conkretesneakers .

For more information contact Keith Richardson via email at conkretekickz@gmail.com or like his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/conkretekickz.

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