“Cruising the Community” Raised Over $9,000 for Kids


This past Saturday, over 60 children participated in the first annual, “Cruising the Community,” event. In addition to all the participants there were over 50 volunteers and 50 parents in attendance. What was really amazing was the amount of sponsors that helped pull the event together. There were 32 organizations that contributed to the success of the event. These donations totaled in an amount exceeding $9,000.00 dollars.

The goals of the “Cruising the Community” event were to
1. Raise awareness about bike safety and how to wear a helmet.
2. Expose youth to safe routes for biking and walking.
3. Provide parents and caregivers with health screenings.
4. Start a bike riding club in the West Jackson Area.
5. Increase the usage of the Dr. Robert Smith Parkway and the Gibbs-Green Plaza for exercise and leisure.

With the help of the parents, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors, “Cruising the Community” was able to meet each goal.

Favorite Quotes of the day,

“Do we really get to keep the helmets?”
“Jackson State University has a beautiful campus!”
“Can I have a book?”

If you are interesting in being a part of next years event, email Heather Wilcox @ heather.a.wilcox@jsums.edu and she will be in touch.

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