WESTerday Trivia

This iconic figure and legend is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, located in the 900 block of J. R. Lynch Street. He had so much influence on the state of Mississippi that they named a high school after him. Who is it?

A.) William H. Lanier
B.) James Hill
C.) Robert M. Callaway
D.) William B. Murrah

Answer revealed at 4 p.m., but it’ll put a big smile on our faces if you reveal it to us before then! Go for it! Hey, you could win a gift card to Koinonia Coffee House. Mrs. Lee Harper will give the first person to answer the question correctly (on FB or the blog) a free gift card.

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2 Comments on WESTerday Trivia

  1. D.) William B. Murrah

  2. Thanks for playing! We will reveal the correct answer at 4 p.m. stay tuned!

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