‘Good Deed’ Features Mr. John Kimes

mr kimes
Meet Mr. Kimes!

He is currently working with the Jackson Public School District as the Industrial Arts Instructor in the Career Development Center. His shop is open to all the high school students within Jackson. This space is where he teaches students how to make dog houses, benches, storage sheds and much more.

Mr. Kimes is a retired Air Force veteran of 21 years and has been serving youth since his retirement. In addition to helping the youth learn a meaningful craft, he also has been assisting the Pecan Park Neighborhood with Christmas decorations. Last year, the residents of Pecan Park wanted to have a unique and cohesive way to display their holiday spirit. So the residents came to Mr. Kimes and asked him “would it be feasible to construct words that could be displayed in each resident’s yard?” Mr. Kimes said “yes.” He and his students were able to construct 4 feet tall letters that spelled words like, “Joy, Peace, and Hope.”

Pecan Park Neighborhood Association followed a specific style guide. All of the letters were to be painted red and the “Jesus and the Mangers” were to be painted white. The neighborhood association also encouraged all the residents in the neighborhood to participate. Mr. Kimes received over 20 requests for words to be constructed. He also makes the words very user friendly, by connecting the letters to an iron rod and the iron rods are staked into the ground.

We don’t have any pictures of what Pecan Park looked liked completely finished, but we do have beautiful pictures from Mr. and Mrs. Course and their neighborhood signs. Just imagine these signs in everyone’s yard during the holidays. The entire neighborhood must have been filled with so much joy!

mr course

Mr. Kimes is a Jacksonian with a large heart who enjoys teaching youth and working with community residents. He is doing great things in West Jackson and we say thank you.

Pecan Park, Mr. Kimes and his students are doing this project again this year and we will defiantly get pictures of the entire neighborhood when it is complete.

If you are interested in purchasing a sign for your yard contact Heather Wilcox @ 601-979-5828.

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