Inside JPD’s, Precinct 2


There are four precincts in the Jackson Police Department and Precinct 2 is the largest. It covers over 24 square miles and they are responsible for 64,000 people, 23 schools, 81 churches, and over 200 businesses in the area. There are 87 full time police officers and they work three, 8 hour shifts: “Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie.”

In November of 2012, Precinct 2 relocated from an outdated facility on Capitol St. to the first floor of the Metro Center Mall. One of the main reasons the space in the Metro Mall was so appealing was because it was easily accessible to the public. According to Commander Taylor, many residents take advantage of their open door policy, because there are many city services in the mall. “When a resident comes in to pay their water bill at the Water and Sewer Office, they will often just come down the hall and stop by Precinct 2,” said Commander Taylor.

Precinct 2 has an open door policy, meaning if the public has any questions or concerns, they should feel free to come to Precinct 2 to address them.

Since Precinct 2 has relocated in the Metro Mall, crime in the mall has been decreasing. Both the security guards for the mall and the police officers work together to ensure that the public is safe.

Commander Taylor said, “It takes a special person to be a police officer because no day is the same and everyday you come to work, there is a chance you will not go home.”

For more information about Precinct 2 call (601) 960-0002.

Other City Services inside the mall include:
Water and Sewer Administration Office
Department of Human and Cultural Services
Parks and Recreation Department
Public Education and Government TV studio

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