Name That Tiger Cub

final tiger cub

The Jackson Zoo welcomed their first Sumatran tiger cub on May 20th to first time mom and dad, Sari and Emerson. Now, they need your help! The cub will be making his debut soon and he doesn’t have a name yet.

The Zoo is very excited to have you pick the little cub’s name from a list of names selected by the Zoo staff.

Please choose one of the three names listed below and make a $1.00 contribution to make your vote truly count for tigers. Every dollar raised will go directly to the tiger animal care team to make sure this little guy has everything he needs growing up. You can vote as many times as you choose. Each transaction will need to be processed separately.

Voting closes Wednesday, September 3, at 3 PM!
The winning name will be revealed soon after!

Names to choose from…
Faulkner: Dad, Emerson, was named after author Ralph Waldo Emerson (his brothers also had literary names). Faulkner follows this tradition.
Harapan: This name is based on the Indonesian word for “hope”, as every Sumatran tiger birth is a hope for the future for their species.
Eko: Sari and Emerson are first time parents and this name honors that, with Eko being an Indonesian expression for “the first child”.

Click on link below to vote.

Also if you are interested in getting involved with things happening in and around the Zoo, there is a special group for you. The Zoo Area Progressive Partnership (ZAPP) is a neighborhood group that meets every second Tuesday at Noon. On tomorrow, they will be meeting in the Zoo Education Building to plan ways to revitalize the West Capitol Street corridor.

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