The Jackson Zoo Named Their Tiger Cub, Eko


The Jackson Zoo welcomed its first Sumatran tiger cub on May 20th to first time mom and dad, Sari and Emerson. Over the past few weeks the Zoo has been holding a online competition to vote on the name of the new tiger cub and this past Saturday his name was revealed. The tiger cub made its debut to the public and his name is Eko, pronounced like echo. Eko means “first child” in Indonesian.

The Zoo had hundreds of voters, and each voter donated a dollar. At the end of the voting period, Eko won with 54% of the votes. The Zoo also received donations from the public specifically for the tiger cubs upkeep and care.

Eko is now roaming around for the public to see. So when you get a chance stop by the Jackson Zoo to view Eko and the other 400 animals. The Jackson Zoo is a venue for enjoying safe, wholesome, family entertainment, and making memories for a lifetime.

Also there is still time to support the Zoo by purchasing a custom car tag. Click link below for more details!

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