Bold New City Releases Hot New Video & Infrastructure Master Plan

Over the last few months Red Squared Productions, LLC. has been working on a promotional video for the City of Jackson. Last week the video was released and it has been creating buzz ever since. Check it out!

Also the City of Jackson just released its Infrastructure Master Plan for the 1% Sales Tax.

In 2014, the Citizens of Jackson voted overwhelmingly to support passage of a 1% Sales Tax for infrastructure improvements. The City maintains the sales tax revenue in a separate special municipal fund in contingency until this master plan, required by the legislation, is approved. The sales tax may only be used to fund capital projects and efforts to pay costs of road and street repair, reconstruction/resurfacing projects and water, sewer and drainage projects.

The legislation for the Municipal Special Sales Tax requires the City to develop an Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) to capture the proposed projects that will be funded in part or whole by the 1% Sales Tax Revenue. This IMP will serve as a road map for the Municipal Special Sales Tax expenditures and is required to be voted upon by the Municipal Special Sales Tax Commission also established by the legislation.

Below is the link to the Infrastructure Master Plan.

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