Brittany Calhoun Paints Another Traffic Signal Box in West JXN

brittany calhoun tsb 2

Brittany Calhoun is a Senior at JSU and is majoring in Fine Arts. She has been commissioned by the Center for University-Based Development and the Zoo Area Progressive Partnership to complete a zoo themed mural on the traffic signal box on I-220 and Capitol Street. This is the second box she has completed for our community. Click link to see her first painting

Over the past few weeks she has been painting the box which includes a tiger, rhino, flamingo, and monkey. She is not completely finished, however her work is a great addition to the West Jackson community.

We will post the final painting once completed.

The Center for University-Based Development (CUBD) encourages all West Jackson neighborhoods to adopt a traffic signal box and have it painted. CUBD will help pay for an artist to complete the work. For more information about the process and how to get a traffic signal box painted, please call Heather Wilcox at 601-979-5828.

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