Ms. Eyerusalem Woldu, Living the American Dream at JSU


On January 27, Jackson State University and the City of Jackson hosted an award ceremony recognizing Ms. Eyersualem Woldu as the Entrepreneur for Business of the Quarter. Jackson Mayor, Tony Yarber, presented the award to Ms. Eyerusalem Woldu along with many other esteemed guests such as JSU President, Dr. Carolyn Meyers and Dean of the College of Business, Dr. Ramin Maysami.

Ms. Woldu, is from Ethiopia and she is a Junior at JSU majoring in Computer Engineering. Ms. Woldu is owner of Abyssinia and developed a business model that better equips students to protect their I-Pads with a new I-Pad case. She helped design an I-Pad case that is light-weight, attractive, durable and more affordable than the original I-Pad case that was offered by the University. She worked closely with Dr. Bill Cooley and Michael Thomas to ensure all the rules of doing business with the University were followed.

She also administered a survey to over 200 students. The survey revealed that many students were not using their I-Pad cases because they will flimsy and unattractive.

After she had her research, she contacted some friends in China that helped put a more affordable, attractive I-Pad case together to sell at JSU. And the rest is history. She currently has her I-Pad case selling at the JSU Apple Store and Bookstore on campus.

During the ceremony Ms. Woldu also revealed her love for West Jackson. She said when she originally came to Jackson from Africa, she wanted to graduate and leave the city, but after working with Dr. Cooley, she is now convinced that West Jackson will be her home long after she graduates.

President Carolyn Meyers, addressed the crowd by saying it was a special day when we look back at the fruit of JSU. She thanked all of the JSU family, friends and community for believing in a better tomorrow and believing in our students.

Below are more pictures from the ceremony.

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