Dan & Annie Course, Gardening for Fun

Dan Course and Annie Course have lived in their home on Arbor Vista Blvd. for the past 45 years. Ever since they moved in their home they have been gardening for a hobby. Their garden is beautiful and plentiful. Mr. Dan Course is a retired math professor and he taught at JSU for 30 years. Mrs. Annie Course retired from Delphi Packard Electric in the automotive department after 35 years.

Since retiring, they have turned to their garden to experiment with new plants and different gardening techniques. In the spring they grow tomatoes, squash, green beans, okra, eggplants and corn. In the fall they grow plenty of greens. Once they have harvested their garden, Mrs. Course uses all her vegetables and fruits to make meals for her family and grandchildren. She makes soups, chili, spaghetti sauces, eggplant casserole and so much more. She also makes sweet potato pies and jars many of her vegetables.

Annie says on an average she saves about $300.00 dollars a month on her grocery bill because she grows her own food.

She has jarred pickles, jam, and peppers. Annie will give these away as presents during the holidays. And this Sunday, she will take one of her jarred products to the host for a Superbowl party.

Dan and Annie especially like to give back to the community. Once they have their fruits and vegetables harvested, they will give what they do not use to other community residents in Pecan Park.

They also enjoy teaching their grandchildren about gardening. Dan says that his grandson will come over and ask if he can go and garden with him and they put on their boots and get out and go play in the dirt.

In the future, Dan and Annie have volunteered to help teach the students at Blackburn Middle School about gardening.

Below are some AMAZING photos of their garden from last year. Most photos were provided by Dan Course.

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