Voice of Calvary Raises Funds to Start After School Program at Barr Elementary

Voice of Calvary Ministries (VOCM) was able to raise funds to start an after school program at Barr Elementary located at 1539 W. Capitol Street. The program started in January and currently there are 30 students enrolled. Phil Reed, CEO of VOCM collaborated with the principal at Barr Elementary and sought funds to help create an effective and efficient after school program.

VOCM raised $9,000 dollars to pay the teachers at Barr Elementary to stay longer days and assist children with school work and give them more one-on-one time. C-Spire was the largest contributor and has officially adopted Barr Elementary.

Mrs. Valerie Green, 5th grade teacher and coordinator of the after school program said she has already seen many benefits from having the program at her school. She has seen the children learning to develop a love for reading, improved proficiency in their core subjects and an increase in their aptitude.

Mrs. Green said, “This program will help the kids be independent and be well rounded.” Three other teachers are also involved with the after school program; Ms. Andrea Freeman, Ms. Tracy Horton, and Ms. Barbra Moore. All of the educators are dedicated to making the program successful and they provide enrichment lessons to youth 3 days a week.

In the future, VOCM wants to continue to provide an extended school day to students attending Barr Elementary and they would also like to provide an academic program for the summer.

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