Stewpot Needs Donations for Kids Summer Camp

Each weekday morning in summer, the steps in front of Stewpot are filled with as many as 200 Kindergarten through -12th-grade campers. They are so excited about what the day may bring that many of them find it hard to sit still. As early as 7 a.m., children from the community surrounding Stewpot begin to arrive for a day filled with Vacation Bible Schools, art, gardening, sports, movies, museums, book clubs and singing. Their energy and joy is matched only by the staff of summer camp counselors greeting them and guiding them throughout the day.

Stewpot Summer Camp provides a safe, nurturing, exciting place for children to come each day. For children who rarely have the opportunity to venture past the invisible confines of their community,Stewpot Summer Camp offers a portal to the city and world around them. Weekly field trips provide them with new ideas and different ways of thinking about the world.

The average cost of seven weeks of summer care for a child is $560 per child. Stewpot relies on volunteers and donations to reduce that cost, making them able to provide Summer Camp at only $300 per student. Often, this is still too much for the parents of our children to pay. So, Stewpot does not ask their parents or guardians to pay anything. Instead they rely on generous donors to help make sure no child has to spend their summer alone or in the streets.

As of today, they still need to raise $18,000 dollars to make sure all of the 200 kids who want to attend Summer Camp are able to join.

Please consider making a donation through at

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