Meat Market-Grocery Store-Restaurant, Carniceria Valdez

As you drive down HWY 80, you may notice a brick, one story building with large red letters that spell Carniceria Valdez on the side, but may not know what exactly the business has to offer. Well, Carniceria Valdez specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine and sells products that are found in the Mexican culture.

Carniceria Valdez features a meat market where you can get all types of meat cut to your needs from their butcher. They also have a grocery store and sell fresh fruits and vegetables, Mexican spices and jalapenos, and Mexican pastries. You are also able to buy fresh aloe leaves.

Lastly, they feature a restaurant inside the building that serves up authentic Mexican dishes including, tacos, menudo, tamales, and burritos.

When you get a chance you should stop in and check it out. They are located at 2275 HWY 80 and are open everyday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. This is the owners second location and they opened one year ago.

For more information please call 601-352-6300.

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