Giant Collard Greens Grow in West Jackson, Recipe

Dan and Annie Course have been growing a garden in their backyard for several decades, however last fall they planted a “Georgia Collard” plant and it grew to almost four feet tall. They have harvested one plant and plan on cooking their other plant next week.

Annie’s Recipe for Collard Greens

Wash each leaf 4-5 times in salt water
Stack leafs and roll them up, then cut them into small pieces

Start meat in pot, use salted pork or smoked turkey wings or ham hocks
Let the meat cook for 30 minutes

Add greens, seasoning, and a little olive oil

Turn down stove to low and let them cook down until they are tender

Mrs. Course says that the fresher the greens are the less time they have to cook because fresh greens are more tender and don’t take as long.

Mrs. Course also cuts the stems of the greens down real small and adds them to her greens. She says “That’s where you get all your nutrition from.”

Dan and Annie Course will leave the stalk of the collard green plant in the ground and they say eventually the collard leafs will grow back.

Of course, as Mrs. Course showed me her amazingly tall collard greens, she also had to show me the rest of their garden that included potatoes, corn, radishes, and kale.

Below are pictures.

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7 Comments on Giant Collard Greens Grow in West Jackson, Recipe

  1. Carroll K Frazier // May 2, 2017 at 3:06 pm // Reply

    My, my, my Heather!
    My mouth is watering for some of these greens! Never seen any like this before!
    Great story!!! Good to know that people in the community are still taking advantage of God’s soil!
    I need to see if Ms Course will sell me some of these greens! LOL!

  2. Right. I told her I would by greens from her!!!! They look so good.

  3. I planning to start growing my own vegetables. I want to stop by for some tips.

  4. As a former colleague of Professor Dan Course, I benefited from their garden many of times each year as he would share bags and bags of fresh vegetables with me. They are both very giving people and I appreciated their kind generosity to the highest.

  5. Sheri Austin // May 8, 2017 at 3:48 pm // Reply

    What a beautiful garden. This is nice to see. Everyone should have a garden and grow their veggies. The world would be a healthier place.

  6. Thanks for your comment… Yes it would! It just amazes me how much they are able to grow in their backyard in the city!

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