Lead Safe Jackson Housing Program Provides Repair Assistance for Jackson Families

The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Jackson is currently enrolling families in the City of Jackson’s Lead Safe Jackson Housing Program, which provides eligible households resources to reduce lead-based paint and other housing-based health hazards.

The Lead Safe Jackson Housing Program enables eligible low-and-moderate income households, both renters and homeowners, to get repairs and improvements to their homes to provide a safe environment for young children.

The primary purpose of the program is to reduce risk of childhood lead poisoning. Lead exposure at any level can cause significant and irreversible brain damage as well as other health problems. If a house or apartment was built before 1978, there is a high likelihood that it contains lead paint. Lead-based paint, even if hidden under layers of newer lead-free paint, can break down because of age, poor maintenance or household repairs and create environmental home health hazards.

Households enrolled in the Lead Safe Jackson Program receive a lead risk assessment. If lead based paint is identified, the program provides resources to reduce the lead paint hazards found. Examples of services include window and door replacement, paint stabilization and re-painting, and specialty cleaning. These improvements not only make homes healthier and safer, they can increase home energy efficiency by reducing air leakage and improve property value.

GHHI Jackson staff members are available to assist households with program eligibility screening. To reach staff members, call 601-345-2052 or email Catherine Lee at clee@ghhi.org. All housing units enrolled must be built before 1978, and families must meet income and other eligibility requirements.

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1 Comment on Lead Safe Jackson Housing Program Provides Repair Assistance for Jackson Families

  1. Carroll K Frazier // January 12, 2018 at 12:58 pm // Reply

    This is a wonderful opportunity for the West Jackson Community!

    Thank you Heather!

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