Refill Cafe is Hiring, Apply Today

Refill Cafe is excited to announce their first four job openings.  The positions are VP for Social Services, Restaurant Manager, Career Coordinator and Bookkeeper/Database Manager. The jobs listed on their website and they plan to begin the interviewing process next month (click here).

The Refill Jackson Initiative will be a non-profit workforce development program that provides job training, soft skill development, social service support, educational support, mentoring, and employment services.

Refill Cafe will be a vibrant restaurant establishment that will be open to the general public for weekday lunch. Refill Café will also provide on the job training opportunities for all Refill Jackson Initiative’s participants.

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1 Comment on Refill Cafe is Hiring, Apply Today

  1. Candi sevier // July 23, 2019 at 8:09 pm // Reply

    Im eager to work

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