Community Resident Helping Neighborhood with New Tractor

Vernon Hartley is on a mission to help his community be the best it can, because he recently purchased a “JSU blue” tractor. He will use the tractor for various neighborhood projects including tree stump grinding, clean-ups, and trash removal.

Vernon has lived in the Pecan Tree Park Neighborhood since 2005 and enjoys working in his neighborhood. He retired from the U.S. Air Force and believes this is a perfect way to stay busy and give back to his community. He states, “This is my passion and when you start doing it, other people will follow.”

Now he can ride through out the community in his air conditioned tractor and assist where needed. He is willing to clear any tree stump for free that is in the right-of-way and will assess neighbors needs individually.

Vernon is the Special Projects Coordinator for Pecan Tree Park Neighborhood Association and president of Keep Jackson Beautiful.

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1 Comment on Community Resident Helping Neighborhood with New Tractor

  1. We need a “Vernon” in every community!
    God bless Vernon!

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