Photos from 2nd Annual Greens Cook-Off

On Thursday, December 19, Blackburn Middle School and Jackson State University hosted its 2nd Annual Greens Cook-Off. The event was lead by the students at Blackburn in celebration of the fresh produce they grew in the JSU/Blackburn Learning Garden.

Students planted collard, mustard, and turnip greens in October and harvested the produce for the greens cook-off.

There were 9 teams that competed and each team had a student and a family member or teacher to assist with preparing the greens.

The winners are listed below with pictures from the event.

1st Place- Moe Salassie and his mother, Nia Umoji.
2nd Place- Kevin Turnnell and his teacher, Ms. Davis.
3rd Place- Corday Kitchens and his mother, Jackie Kitchens.

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1 Comment on Photos from 2nd Annual Greens Cook-Off

  1. M. Fran Bridges // December 19, 2019 at 8:31 pm // Reply

    Growing, learning, sharing, creating; what a wonderful experience for the students and adults at the school and in the community. Thank you Chef Nick Wallace for always giving backs and thank you Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Patty, and others at JSU..honestly thank you one and all Thank you, parents, for investing the time with this event and others. Keep up the good work! I loved the positive energy in the gym today.

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