KJB 5K Virtual Trash Dash, July 11

Imagine 1000 people throughout the City of Jackson picking up litter on a 3.1 mile stretch through neighborhoods, around parks and businesses on the same day. That’s what will happen on July 11, 2020 during the Keep Jackson Beautiful (KJB) 5K Virtual Trash Dash.

As the first organized plogging event, (Swedish word meaning a combination of jogging and picking up litter event to take place in Jackson,) the KJB 5K Virtual Trash Dash is a perfect way to clean up our city while observing social distancing. If 1000 people pick their own route to walk, run, jog, wheel or stroll picking up litter as they go, we could clean 3100 miles of street in a single day!

This isn’t a timed race. Ploggers can go at their own pace, whatever time of day they want making it accessible to everyone to join in. In addition to a race day t-shirt and neck gaiter, participants will receive a reusable Trash Dash trash bag and gloves to collect their litter.

Registration for the 5K Virtual Trash Dash is open now. Register by going to our website at http://www.keepjacksonbeautiful.com or through their Facebook page.

Be sure to wear your t-shirt on July 11th and post pictures of you and your friends in the race to clean up Jackson to social media using the hashtag #KJBVirtual5K2020.

If you would like more information on the KJB 5K Virtual Trash Dash, please contact Heather Ivery at 601-503-3753 or keepjacksonbeautiful@gmail.com.

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1 Comment on KJB 5K Virtual Trash Dash, July 11

  1. Thanks, Dr. Wilcox, it is so rewarding to see that in the midst of everything, the community is still working together to beautify the city. Keep Jackson Beautiful is living up to the name and purpose of the organization!

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