New Mural at JSU/Blackburn Learning Garden

The Fertile Ground Project uses public art as a medium to inspire dialogue about food access in Jackson, Mississippi. The Fertile Ground Project recently funded several murals across the city. The newest mural in West Jackson is titled, “Sowing the Seeds of Love,” located at the JSU/Blackburn Learning Garden. The artist is Sabrina Howard.

Artist Statement about the mural: “We can help change the world by what we sow into our children. The knowledge and tools passed down from generation to generation are necessary for sculpting our future. To illustrate this, there is a boy and girl sitting under vegetation that resembles collards with their arm extended. In each hand is another male and female with a similar pose but holding a seedling. This represents the natural and generational growth cycle.”

Drew Dempsey

Community Partners:
City of Jackson – Government
Jackson State University, Community Engagement
Jackson Public Schools
Community Foundation for Mississippi
Bloomberg Philanthropies
#publicartchallenge @ Jackson State University

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1 Comment on New Mural at JSU/Blackburn Learning Garden

  1. This awesome, amazing and so beautiful! A great site for the students and the community to behold!

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