Revitalize & Rosemont

Revitalize Mississippi started working with Ramey Agency earlier this year when they asked if they could use some drone video. The first thing that came to mind was helping solve the flooding issues in West Jackson along Lynch Creek.

They got together with neighborhood leaders to look for debris and trash in the creek, which was causing the water to back up and flood streets and houses in the area. Those meetings resulted in a cleanup effort by Keep Jackson Beautiful, Revitalize MS, Americorp and the City of Jackson along the watershed and around the City.

In the meantime, the partnership with Ramey Agency turned into more.

Through those meetings, they got to know Ramey staff members Wes Williams and Sam Potesky, and they got to know Revitalize Mississippi and their partners at Rosemont. Several hours of donated work later, Wes and Sam delivered this incredible video telling one part of the story of our partnership with Rosemont.

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1 Comment on Revitalize & Rosemont

  1. Carol Frazier // November 11, 2020 at 1:41 pm // Reply

    Awesome endeavor and partnership! This project will benefit the entire community!

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