Omar Morris, Bringing Solar to Your Neighborhood

Meet Omar Morris, owner of Solar Gems, which is a black owned and led engineering/tech firm based in Jackson, MS. They specialize in designing, building and installing renewable energy based, hardware and software, products and services to a variety of customers.  They fashion state of art lithium based rechargeable battery units that, when coupled with solar panels, store and distribute electrical energy for numerous applications.

The Solar Homes Community Renewal Initiative initiated by Solar Gems LLC endeavors to develop affordable, modern, energy-efficient homes and communities for residents, particularly Black and low-income residents, located in West Jackson, MS.  Their rehabilitation program addresses disparities in homeownership faced by underserved communities while providing access to innovative renewable energy technology and quality housing to local households, and other marginalized residents in West Jackson.  Their goal is to maximize the potential in underserved areas and provide a blueprint demonstrating the synergy between community redevelopment and forward-thinking technologies.

For more information about Omar Morris and his company, please email him at

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1 Comment on Omar Morris, Bringing Solar to Your Neighborhood

  1. Carol Frazier // March 5, 2021 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    WOW! the future is here! This is going to be great! Jackson, MS can use some positivity right now!

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