Refill Cafe’ Hiring President, Apply Now

The mission of the Refill Jackson Initiative (RJI) is to empower young adults who are seeking an improved quality of life, through tailored support and job training. In pursuit of this mission, RJI teaches our young adults soft and technical skills in a traditional classroom setting and on-the-job training.

More specifically, young adults enter the program in groups, or cohorts, of seven to 14 members each, spending 65 percent of their time in classes on topics ranging from anger management and resume-writing to financial education and professional dress. The cohort spends the remaining 35 percent of its time in on-the-job training opportunities practicing the basic necessary job skills they have discussed in the training room. Members earn a stipend each week, with other financial incentives in place to encourage saving and maintaining employment after graduating from the eight-week program. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are offered four options for continued engagement with RJI for 10 additional months: 1) a paid four-month internship at a local business, 2) introductions to employers for interviews leading to employment, 3) further education, and/or 4) continued access to staff for support and social services as needed.

Click link to apply.

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