Community Celebrates Dr. James Brooks, Pictures

This past Sunday, dozens of community members showed up to celebrate and honor Dr. James Brooks in support of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship’s, “Hero’s, Homes, and Harmony” event. The event also showcased the Center’s newest home renovation. Below are pictures from the event and short Bio on Dr. James Brooks.

Dr. James Brooks


Dr. James Brooks was born in Chicago, Illinois and later moved to Lexington, Mississippi where his mother is originally from. In 1972, he married his partner and friend, Dr. Jean Brooks. Fear was a constant friend as they traveled to Jackson, Mississippi in their 1965 Volkswagen Bug to work for Jackson State University, two years after the deadly shooting of two young Black men at Alexander Hall on JSU’s campus. Before moving to Grand Avenue, James and Jean lived in an apartment on the JSU campus for 4 years from 1972-1976.

The couple have been married for 50 years and are the proud parents of 5 children…James, Linda Ray, Anne, Carolyn, and Michael. He and his wife reside in the iVillage neighborhood and have lived in the same house for 43 years.

Professional Career

Dr. Brooks has had many jobs throughout his lifetime. He was an entrepreneur selling hair care products out of the back of his car, an elevator operator, a laborer at the Swift & Company Stockyard, and an amateur investor in the stock market.

His professional career includes military training in police work. In service of the United States Army, Private James Brooks was stationed stateside in Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, and Missouri. Additionally, Private Brooks served in the Vietnam War where his travels lead him to Japan and Vietnam. He was honorably discharged 3 months early from the war to return to school.

Dr. Brooks’ earned a

  • B.B.A. in Chicago Illinois at Loyola University
  • School of Business Administration; 1970
  • Resident Assistant
  • M.S.W. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; 1972
  • Interned in the Ann Arbor City Planning Department.
  • D.S.W. Catholic University of America; 1985
  • Fullbright-Hayes Scholar Program: Traveled to Nigeria, Chad, Cameron
  • Research Assistant

Community Perspective

Dr. Brooks understands that the Book of Ordinances and the Zoning Regulations must apply if a community is to survive.

He believes that residents must be ready to be called a NIMBY (not in my back yard), a nosey neighbor, a skinny ass, a SOB, a picture taking fool, the clown with binoculars, a petitioner, and a neighborhood resident.  Residents must hold our city accountable. This includes but is not limited to: the planning board, the zoning board, and the police department.

As a resident, you must be willing to attend meetings, call your neighbors, work with organizations on issues affecting community living and your quality of life

Dr. Brooks is a member of

  • The Grand Avenue Neighborhood Association
  • The Capitol Neighborhood Association
  • West Park Community
  • West Jackson Neighborhood Association

Dr. Brooks has worked closely with the

  • Center for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Junior League of Jackson
  • Voice of Calvary Ministries
  • Hinds County Sheriff’s Department
  • Public Works Department
  • Entergy
  • Atmos Gas
  • City of Jackson
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