The coldest MC in Hip Hop could be from Jackson

If you’re looking for the Clark Kent of Jackson, then look no further than Jason Thompson. Have a conversation with him and he’ll seem unassuming yet deliberate in his responses. Clark Kent worked in the newsroom to keep a pulse on damsels in distress–Jason works at the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi to keep a pulse on Mississippi’s youth. But when trouble arises, Jason ditches his work attire and dons the guise of…PyInfamous! (superhero music plays in the background)

When kids need a male figure as a role model, the unassuming Jason steps in and saves the day as a mentor. When Jackson was lacking an “urban hang suite”-type lounge, Jason used his entrepreneurial prowess (and marketing degree) to partner with others in opening Suite 106. Another day saved. But when “swag” began to rear its ugly head, disguised as hip hop, PyInfamous emerged, and he has been a nonstop swag-slayer!

So why is PyInfamous being mentioned on this blog? Is he from West Jackson? Nah, he actually lives in South Jackson; but he publishes thought provoking music without the use of profanity. That in itself is a breath of fresh air in Hip Hop.

But I digress, the reason PyInfamous is being mentioned on this blog is because he is currently in the running to become the Coldest MC in the nation! In Coors Light’s Search for Coldest competition, PyInfamous is the lone representative for the South–having won the Southern title by outshining a myriad of other southern MC’s.

Now, PyInfamous, despite his powerful delivery and flow, needs YOUR help. Call it his kryptonite, but PyInfamous cannot win the national title in the Search for the Coldest without your votes. If he wins, the title of Coldest MC in the nation could belong to an artist who is one of our neighbors. Better yet, it could belong to a Jacksonian who is very involved in the community and committed to improving this city.

Below are a couple of tracks from PyInfamous. The first track is the one that was submitted for the competition. Let’s win this for Jackson! To vote, click the link below and click “Judge now” on the right side of the page. You’ll unfortunately have to listen to all four of the artists before you can vote (come on, take one for the team). After you the videos are done, click the “vote for this artist button that’s above PyInfamous’ name. If you’re feeling really generous…repeat! You can vote every day until June 17th.

Click here to vote (must be 21+ to vote–Coors Light’s orders!)

PyInfamous ft. Kerry Thomas – Bliss (Cooler Than This) [link]

PyInfamous – Work & Play [link]

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  1. Thankfully some bloggers can still write. Thanks for this piece.

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