Barr Elementary School receives national honor

Photo from Barr Elementary's website

Not really sure how this one slipped by us, but we–the bearers of good news–are elated to spread the word about more good news. The Clarion Ledger reported on January 4 that Barr Elementary is one of only 66 schools in the country to to be designated as a National Title I Distinguished School for 2011. The National Title I Association describes the honor as follows:

These schools are recognized either for exceptional student performance overall, or for significantly closing the achievement gap between student groups.  The schools are selected for national recognition by their State Departments of Education based on state-determined criteria, such as use of research-based instructional strategies, implementation of sustained research-based professional development, or established partnerships with parents, families and the community.

So congratulations to Principal Candra Nelson and the rest of the faculty and staff at Barr Elementary. Education is definitely the first step to a resurgent West Jackson.

If you have time, also make sure to read this Clarion Ledger article on Barr by reporter Marquita Brown.

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