Good Deed Features The Rotary Club

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The West Jackson Rotary Club presented a $7,500.00 check to the Jackson Zoo’s Wild Learning Program, which will be used to purchase new technology equipment for the program – such as an interactive SmartBoard, tablets and computers.

The Wild Learning Program is an educational program that has previously been in place at the Jackson Zoo and is currently being underwritten by corporate partners. Wild Learning offers opportunities to low income households and diverse ethnicities that do not have the means to visit the zoo. The program provides free admission and transportation to these students. This grant will enrich educational learning opportunities for students who visit the zoo through Wild Learning.

This is the first grant that has been designated toward technology advancement for the Zoo’s Education Department. The impact this grant can have for the Wild Learning Program and the children who interact with the equipment will be greatly visible for years to come. The Rotary emblem will be made visible on the equipment that is purchased through the grant in recognition of Rotary.

West Jackson Rotary Club Members will also be volunteering to assist with the Wild Learning program.

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  1. How does one qualify for membership into the Rotary Club?

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