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Most of us have heard the term “unsung heroes.”  But what about unsung neighborhoods.  In fact, how about unsung parts of town.  West Jackson is an unsung part of Jackson, Mississippi with many unsung neighborhoods that harbor unsung heroes.  For years, West Jackson had been treated as Jackson’s stepchild–blamed for the city’s crime woes and shunned as a place to raise a family.  West Jackson was the innards of the inner city.

The sun hasn’t set out west though. In fact, West Jackson is facing the rising sun. New projects, new activities, new life are being breathed into this new day begun for the westside and this blog seeks to Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing of the positivity and interests that can be found in West Jackson.

This blog was created by Jackson State University’s Center for University-Based Development and will highlight the events, news, and people of West Jackson.  We hope you enjoy!

And they all lived happily ever after. The Beginning…

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We blog about things that are absolutely, positively West Jackson (Mississippi).

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