WESTerday Trivia Answer: Jim Hill High School


International Baccalaureate Logo

Which high school became the first school in Mississippi to offer the academically intense International Baccalaureate Program?

The correct answer for this would be (D.) Jim Hill High School.

Jim Hill has been offering the International Baccalaureate Program since 1993–a program that emphasizes learning through critical thinking. Students who successfully complete the program receive both an IB Diploma and a Mississippi High School Diploma. Those with an IB Diploma are eligible to receive an extra bonus in that many colleges award course credit for IB courses. This alone gives students a head start in college and less credit hours to tackle before college graduation.

Since IB’s introduction to Mississippi at Jim Hill, the program has grown to include 4 high schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 elementary schools throughout the state.

The advantages of the IB Program are far too many to list on this post, but if you are interested in learning more, visit the International Baccalaureate Organization‘s website. However, two things can be noted: 1.) students graduate with superb writing skills and 2.) students graduate with the ability to critically analyze readings and problems.

If you are interested in learning more about the International Baccalaureate Program at Jim Hill, contact Barbara Hilliard (601.360.2635) or Linda Smith (601.960.5354).

Thanks for tuning in to today’s trivia!!!

(P.S. I’m a Jim Hill High School IB Graduate!)

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